Try Before You Buy: How To Try Out An Instrument Without Having To Commit To It

Playing an instrument is a great hobby to have for both the young and the old. It stimulates parts of the brain that may otherwise lie dormant for years, and it is a great way to express yourself creatively. However, many instruments cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to purchase, and it seems like there are few ways around this hurdle. If you want to learn an instrument or start playing an instrument you had long forgotten, then there is an easy option: instrument rental. Read More 

Adjusting to a New, Upgraded Flute

Buying a new flute means experiencing a new way of playing, especially if you're upgrading from a beginner or intermediate model to a professional instrument. The chance to take your ability to the next level is an exciting one, but some people who upgrade their flutes are left disappointed. The problem is that no two flutes are the same, and that can be quite a shock if you've only ever played one. Read More 

How to Learn a Musical Instrument in an Apartment

With more and more families opting for apartment living, some creative thinking is required to get around some of the challenges of living so close to your neighbours. For example, what if your child wants to learn how to play a musical instrument? Since there are many advantages for children who learn an instrument, both socially and academically, here are some ideas on how to make sure your kids can still get the opportunity of learning to play a musical instrument without making an enemy of your neighbours. Read More 

How To Care For Your Bach Trumpet

Your new Bach trumpet will last you a lifetime if you look after it properly.  Here's a practical guide to daily care and routine maintenance that will keep your trumpet sounding great and in tip-top condition for life! Before playing Before you play, oil the trumpet valves so that they perform smoothly.  Unscrew the cap of the first valve and pull the piston half-way out.  Now dress the widest part of the piston with a few drops of valve oil. Read More